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Inspired LED, LLC

Inspired LED, LLC. proudly features:

  • Low price, economical LED lighting solutions for:
    • kitchen under cabinet lighting
    • cove, valance, toe kick lighting
    • backlighting for flat screen TVs, home
    • accent lighting for art, shelving, cabinets
    • lighting for retail display cases and fixtures
    • restaurant and bar lighting
  • LEDs from Inspired LED last up to 10 years and
    uses fractions of the energy of incandescent bulbs.
  • Modular designed product line includes kits, components,
    and accessories that are easily expandable and changeable with common connectors and interfaces.


  • Light weight and discreet profile. Easy to install.
  • Optional screw mounting

Lighting options include:

  • Cool white & warm white, in bright, super bright, and ultra bright 
  • Blue, red, and green flexible strips.
  • RGB and Two Color Changing flexible strips
  • Custom lengths and systems
  • Manufactured in Arizona by friendly robots.
  • We proudly ship to the US and Canada. For worldwide purchasing support, our Authorized Distributor, Mouser Electronics, stocks a wide variety of our standard products.